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Xtreme Kleen

Xtreme Kleen is a concentrated non-toxic, all-purpose liquid cleaner. It was formulated with a complex blend of synthetic surfactant, wetting and chelating agents that activate in cold water as well as hot. Xtreme's unique emulsifying and dispersing of oils and greases is unsurpassed. This water based product rinses easily and it prevents the redeposition of soils. Its dilutions will vary depending on the application and methods of use. This product can be used on virtually any surface that can be cleaned with water alone. It has a broad range of cleaning applications in all areas of the home and industrial facilities. Excellent for Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Outdoor uses and much, much more.



Xtreme Kleen can be used as a general purpose cleaner. Use it to clean wood furniture, baseboards, mini blinds, glass and a whole lot more. Xtreme is excellent at removing spots and stains from carpets. It can even be used as the active detergent in carpet/upholstery shampoo machines.


Xtreme is an extraordinary cleaner of concrete, rock and brick. It is the best cleaner on the market for oxidation and hard water stains for wood fences and decks. It is super strong, but gentle enough to not strip the wood.

Auto and Boat

Get your car xtremely kleen! Xtreme works great on vinyl and leather. Use it on whitewalls, road grime, floor mats, parts and tools. It's non-toxic formula will not excessively dry/evaporate which can cause vinyl to crack (such as amonia based cleaners). Xtreme Kleen can even be used to clean your engine!